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Salesforce CRM for Covage

A project combining the strength of Salesforce with the specificities of Covage billing : SFA, Customer Care and Selfcare portal.



Each entity in the Covage group has its own sales force management systems and its own order taking processes.


The repositories cannot be copied into the CRM so they need to be retrieved in real time :

  • The offer repository is carried by an Adhoc product (B2Bill) which must be leveraged because it is the unified repository of the customer’s offers.
  • The geographical repository allows eligibility according to the address of the FTTH or FTTO point to be deployed.

Solutions provided

To allow optimal management of its sales force, Covage decided to install a Sales Force Automation tool coupled with a new CRM based on Salesforce. Taking advantage of the platform’s native functionalities, the implemented CRM provides :

  • A 360° view of the customer
  • Order taking on behalf of the customer after quotes have been edited, both for Covage sales representatives and for customers, directly through a community portal.

Developed in Agile mode in cooperation with SFDC’s Professional Services teams (CSG), the project was implemented with the Mulesoft solution to enable real-time feedback into and from the customer’s legacy systems. As Covage’s IS is divided by fiber type, several Agile iterations have been planned to integrate FTTH functionalities.



1 project, 5 team members, 400 man-days

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