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Our customers assign us to “soup to nuts” missions which we work on from our French office.

We need collaborative trust between customers and our teams so that we can grow together towards the same goal.




Our credo in SpikeeLabs is that we go further when we work together. A great team spirit among people is key for skill sharing.

Young rookies not only receive huge technical know-how from the most experienced staff but also greater accessibility and a real sense of their own well-being in the workplace.
SpikeeLabs fosters a spirit of collective sharing through regular teambuilding events.





« Straight to the point » is our motto ! We solve issues within the set time frame, we carry out projects with excellence and effectiveness.

Simplicity, open communication and pragmatism: we like to keep a close eye on our customer’s business environment.




SpikeeLabs teams always keep in step with the cutting edge of innovation. As software editors of BillingLabs, we ensure that we continuously improve our global knowledge of the IT market.

We are keen to keep proactive by presenting bespoke proposals for all the projects we take on.

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In one word, SpikeeLabs is: