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About us

Who we are

Consulting company in IT, Spikeelabs specialises in engineering, software development and integration.

Our Expertise:

  • CRM Salesforce solutions: Sales cloud, Service cloud, Community portals
  • Information System Architecture focused on data flows management: API management, MDM, ESB
  • Home editor of our Billing Lab SW stack: billing everything fast and securely.

A global approach:

  • Think: IS RoadMap, project definition and architecture.
  • Build: Ad Hoc developments or solution parametrization.
  • Run: Hosting, Maintenance, support & Change Management.


Some key figures…


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Why us ?

A must must happen attitude: our target is to make ensure business teams and IS work together. Based in France, we can work from our own premises or in yours. Mainly deployed in telecoms & transports but also in the energy and food industry sectors.


Our history

Founded in 2016 by Pierre Lecomte, Jerome Macé and Bruno Le Fellic, 3 experienced professionals in IS, SpikeeLabs focuses on IS core systems and not only on UX/UI.

Back office projects involve knowing what the core business of the customers is and identifying the right access to the services or the associated data.

Our target: to serve our customers by offering them the best of breed solution for their own IS requirements.

Skilled in IS urbanization, they dedicated their time and energy to make SpikeeLabs‘s offers unique:

  • Focus on the core IS problematics and back office applications.
  • A business-oriented approach: “if you can’t evaluate the ROI of a solution, don’t do it”.
  • Transparent, direct and to the point: our values are lived everyday by the whole team.
  • A happy work environment: together, in team, with a lot of serious effort and good-natured fun!



For everyday business, the ExeCom is the following:

  • Bruno, founder & CTO, focuses on the technologies.
  • Jerome, founder & COO, makes all the projects tick along, placing the right people in the right project team.
  • Marie,  Chief People Officer, is the key to finding the right people to join us.
  • Thierry, CSMO (Chief Sales and Marketing Officer), targets our market and shoots!
  • And Pierre, founder and CEO, manages what remains to be managed….




Our identity

« Straight to the point »

« droit au but » in French,  is our motto in SpikeeLabs. As a rule we are all open and frank with one another and with our customers. We live and show it in our everyday work.

Our behavior is …

  • Pragmatic: we aim for the target of the project first! This is the meaning of the spike in Spikeelabs.
  • Dynamic: we are not simply a ressource provider, we’ret a solutions provider. We will help you even if it’s not in our initial proposal! Your target will be our focus.

Our logo

Our logo symbolises this identity: 3 spikes for the 3 founders and Labs because you always need to innovate in order to make progress!



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