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Here are some reference of projects done for our customers.

Unyc is a french national-wide BtoB telecom operator. It provides a range of telephony, collaboration and cloud services, directly and indirectly through white labels. SipkeeLabs was commissioned for 4 years on various IS projects: development and integration on the mobile entity in Python and PHP and also redesign of the billing system.


ANETT is a laundry company specialising in the maintenance and rental of textile items for a wide range of industries (hotels, catering, health). Anett called on SpikeeLabs' expertise to take over the corrective and evolutionary maintenance of 2 business applications developed in-house and made available to its customers

CNP Assurances is an insurance company whose main shareholders, the Banque Postale and the BPCE group, distribute their products in France through their numerous branches. They are leader in loan insurance and 2ᵉ in life insurance in France.

Centravet is a distributor of veterinary products (medicines, food, specialist equipment, single-use consumables, accessories and miscellaneous products) with 50 years' experience, counting 430 employees and a presence at 7 locations in France. SpikeeLabs is involved in the optimisation of data exchanges within their IT using Talend Open Studio ETL.

As an automotive supplier and world leader in hydraulic systems, the Bontaz Group designs, develops and produces innovative sub-assemblies in mutltiple sites around the world, in close proximity to carmakers and local markets. Founded in 1965, the group counts more than 4,000 employees in 11 countries

The Harvest Group is a TechForFin, the national leader in wealth and client portfolio management tools. Founded in 1989, the group counts more than 400 employees and aims to become a major player in the European market.

INSA Rennes is a public engineering school preparing students to a Master degree in Engineering. The school is a member of the INSA Group, the leading network of public engineering schools in France.

The LISI Group is a global group specialising in the design and manufacture of assembly solutions for the aerospace, automotive and healthcare industries. LISI Automotive is the automative dedicated branch and has its own Information System.

BPCE is the joint central body of the "Banque Populaire" and the French "Caisse d'Epargne". The BPCE group was formed from the 2009 merger of " Caisse Nationale des Caisses d'Epargne" and "Banque Fédérale des Banques Populaires."


Brittany Ferries is a Brittany-based company specialising in passenger and vehicle transport by sea. It is currently France's leading employer of seafarers and the main shipping company in the Western and Central Channel. Brittany Ferries has launched a major overhaul of its information system to simplify and modernise it. SpikeeLabs is involved in the most important task of this project, which consists of replacing an old ERP that currently manages most of the company's operational processes.

The ROYER group is the leader in France and one of the most important players in Europe in the shoe trade. SpikeeLabs was involved in the implementation and integration of a Talend ETL to manage the integration of different information flows within its ERP.