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Our strengths


“Soup to nuts” Project management

SpikeeLabs offers services covering the entire scope of a project, from its initial study (including business plans) to its final implementation and maintenance. SpikeeLabs‘s main assets are our ability to give strong commitment in terms of projects deadlines and quality, as well as provide strong expertise in cutting-edge technologies!

From project leaders to developers through architects, all the Spikee teams work together to meet consumer needs thanks to a consistent and reflective approach.


Strong technical expertise

Development and integration projects are managed within Spikee teams in our different offices for skills and motivation sharing. SpikeeLabs is not a simple human resource provider. We take care of the entire IS problem. Teams are managed by project managers and technical project directors who are directly involved in the project.

SpikeeLabs ensures strong technical expertise throughout the project, whether in agile methodology or in waterfall mode.


Skills to serve an international ambition

The company has proven its ability to lead projects and gained the trust of its French customers.

Since 2018, SpikeeLabs has been working for international customers. Audacious and ready for new ventures, we aim to serve other international clients with our Spikee IT expertise.

By opening up internationally, we all benefit from a greater sharing of experiences.

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CEO's words

"The minimum commitment from SpikeeLabs you can count on is to serve you with skilled and talented people who know what to do and can do….
But all our competitors can claim the same. What gives us the edge over our competitors is our ability to target the main focus of your project from the outset. And this is fully represented by the ‘Spike’ in our logo and our motto: “straight to the point”.
Yes, we are software developers but we will challenge your requirements and help you to define feasible and achievable milestones we can all reach. Once defined, we will leverage your technical assets and knowledge to co-build the project and to commit with you on the delivery. When delivered, we will stay at your side to carry out the maintenance and, if need be, to perform some training or data migration.
In other words, we manage you project from ‘soup to nuts’."

Pierre LECOMTE CEO SpikeeLabs