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Privacy policy


SpikeeLabs takes both the protection and respect of user privacy seriously and accordingly, takes the necessary measures to safeguard these.

We therefore undertake to respect the confidentiality of personal information that we gather in accordance with the methods as described hereunder. The present Privacy Policy provides our users with the following information: the types of personal data that we gather about them, the purposes of gathering such data, the means by which such data is gathered, the means by which users may oppose such data, as well as the security measures that are applied in order to protect their personal data.

Who is responsible for processing my personal data ?

The company is responsible for stipulating the purposes of processing your personal data and the means by which they are used.
Personal data collected on the site is processed by :
35 boulevard Solférino, 35000 Rennes, France

What types of personal data do we gather ?

We gather the following information about you :
First Name
Email address
Telephone number

Personal information that we collect is logged by means of forms and thanks to/ also the interactivity established between you and our website : Contact Form and Job Application Form

Why does SpikeeLabs gather my data ?

SpikeeLabs uses your data for the following purposes :
To contact you by email ou by telephone

For how long is personal data retained by Spikeelabs ?

SpikeeLabs has an active database management system. This type of system preserves your data for a maximum period of two years, during which time such data may be availed by the Human Resources services in Spikeelabs, unless requested by you that Spikeelabs not do so, and in which case, such data may be automatically deleted.

How may I exercise my rights concerning the use of my data ?

The aforementioned rights may only be exercised upon transmission of proof of identity.
You may at any moment request the exercise of your right of access, modification, deletion, transfer, erasure of information concerning the personal data which you have provided to SpikeeLabs.
These rights may be exercised by written request to the address specified in the Legal Notice on our site and/or by email to our email address :

SpikeeLabs undertakes to treat your request as speedily as possible, except in exceptional and legitimate cases and in the event that the legal framework requires SpikeeLabs to retain some of your data.”


For all questions relative to this policy concerning the methods by which SpikeeLabs processes your personal data, please contact us by email at contact@spikeelabs and/or by telephone at 02 30 96 21 65