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Pay-per-use billing

A pay-per-use billing


  • Do you want to set up a pay-per-use billing solution ?
  • Do you want to automate your processes in order to avoid mistakes ?
  • Do you want to generate your invoices as soon as possible after an event ?

BillingLabs is an innovative billing solution adapted to all types of information systems.

Its functional in-built scalability enables the solution to manage large volumes of data used for billing purposes.
Indeed, BillingLabs is a solution based on microservices architecture with Message Broker and No-SQL exchange databases which enable strong scalability and ensure an extremely low response time.

This solution provides an exceptionally fast billing process.

A key selling point is that the BillingLabs solution is sold as a collaborative software stack package to all our customers.

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Do you have a project to renew your billing system ?

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