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Internal charge-back

Internal charge-back

  • Do you want to set up a billing model with internal or external charge-back ?
  • Dou want to make your intra-group management simpler ?
  • Do you want to have an billing system independent from the other IS building blocks ?

BillingLabs is an innovative billing solution adapted to all types of information systems.

Its different functional layers allow it to be interfaced with your different IS bricks and to capture their events.

Its functional in-built scalability provides a flexible events billing process for customers, resellers and other legal entities of your group. All of this is based on a hierarchical modeling of your customers.

BillingLabs will be able to adapt to your customer organization and your data flows.
A key selling point is that the BillingLabs solution is sold as a collaborative software stack package to all our customers.

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Do you have a project to refurbish your billing system ?

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