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BPCE wanted to set up a system for tracking contacts (e-mails, calls, text messages, etc.) between its customers and advisors. When an advisor calls a customer, or vice versa, the call centre agent needs to be able to instantly retrieve all exchanges that have already taken place, both requests and responses. The presentation is made in Salesforce’s Service Cloud.



Implement MuleSoft flows in order to integrate data from the various contact bricks: CISCO, AzurMail, Icon, Skype, etc. so as to present them in an agnostic way. The data is stored in a Cassandra-type NoSQL database – hosted by Heroku.

300 million transactions managed per year

Solutions provided

The mission consisted of :

  • The gathering of the functional requirement and the associated technical landscape in the complex world of BPCE.
  • Translating it into the Mulesoft environment, including its 3-layer API model, which had to be slimmed down to avoid compromising performance.
  • Setting up a test environment and defining a test strategy to ensure nominal operating quality in an SFDC environment.

1 project, 1 team member for 1 year