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Salesforce partnership

Our Salesforce partnership

As the undisputed leader in CRM solutions and the inventor of the SaaS model, Salesforce has become the key vendor in company digital transformation.


Salesforce offers a complete range of solutions for personalized customer relationships in all sectors, data integration-consolidation (mulesoft), and analysis and visualisation.


Our partnership :
As an integrator partner, our role is to support our customers in the design, customisation and deployment of Salesforce solutions in their own environment.


Our project methodology consists of 3 key steps:

  • Audit/needs analysis: functional understanding and mapping of the IT bricks to be integrated into the CRM
  • Implementation: we manage the project in interaction with your users and the IT team. We ensure the technical design, configuration and specific development of applications and associated data flows.
  • Deployment and maintenance: we support your team in getting started with the solution (training administrators or developers) and we ensure its maintenance and enhancement.

We promote an agile approach to optimise interactions with business teams and deliver functionalities rapidly.

Our expertise :

Mulesoft, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Field ServiceMulesoft, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Field Service


  • Salesforce’s promises :
    • To centralise your customer knowledge and to facilitate collaboration within your teams
    • To structure and automate your sales and customer relations processes, from prospecting to retention
    • To exploit your data and to report them efficiently


We make your project a success!


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