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Jersey Telecom

Telecom Resource Logical Inventory



Jersey Telecom’s ambition is to set up a unique repository of their data in order to meet the principle of “single version of the truth” – commercial, logical, physical.



  • Ability  to expose its data to other systems through web services.
  • Ability  to be fed by batch processing mechanisms.
  • Ability  to provide work orders that respect the operator’s business rules.


Solutions provided

  • Functional scoping :
    • Identification of all business objects covering the SS7 – Point Codes, Global Titles, E214, … – and IP/Ethernet (Address, VLAN, …) domains.
    • Definition of processes and life cycles of all objects within the work orders.
    • Aggregation of all the operator’s business rules.
  • Development of a bespoke “logical inventory” tool :
    • Import of data by CSV files.
    • Exposure of all objects by REST APIs allowing CRUD type operations.
    • Creation of the administration screens of the solution – creation of work orders, business objects, users, etc…


1 Business Analyst Expert  | 100 man-days

1 team, 5 team members  | ~500 man-days

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