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Secure opening of the G7 IS



Until now, G7 provided SNCF with a Web interface enabling its staff to book a cab.

Today, the SNCF shifts the paradigm: instead of sending its orders to the different systems of the different service providers (including G7), the service providers will have to come and retrieve the orders placed by the SNCF.



Interface with SNCF’s Galapagos IS to allow SNCF staff to benefit from a G7 cab reservation service.


Carried-Out Solutions

Development of a new application :

  • Iso-functional to the Web application currently provided by G7 : synchronization of orders between G7 and SNCF systems.
  • Independent but interoperative with the other applications of G7 : no evolution to be realized on the existing bricks.
  • Developed with the same technical stack as the other G7 applications, i.e. J2EE, using Spring Boot.
  • Deployed in Docker containers.



1 project, 3 experts, 50

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