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Data eXcellence Program

Data Excellence Program


Data quality within any IS is critical, especially here at Covage, to be able to take orders correctly, carry them out and then to invoice them..



Due to successive acquisitions, there were significant differences in the data quality, especially with postal addresses for order processing and invoicing.


Solutions provided

We have set up a task force to coordinate and make corrections in the systems. This is the Data eXcellence Program.


To get a better understanding, the “DX” Program :

  • is responsbile for fixing inconsistencies in the data and is, therefore, in close contact with the business teams.
  • ensures that the necessary changes (applications or processes) are implemented so that the new entries are accurate and consistent.
  • has an advisory role on new projects to ensure that data quality is maintained.
  • takes charge of data migration when necessary.


Composed of a team of 3 to 4 people focused on different metrics, the Task Force has a unique dual skill set:

  • Functional: with the understanding of data in the different systems of a telecom operator.
  • Technical: with the ability to detect and correct consistency errors (through SQL script or Azure stream).



1 project, 4 team members,  250 man-days

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