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25 May 2022

SpikeeLabs introduce BillingLabs, a billing solution dedicated to service operators.
In on 17/05/2022
Software publisher SpikeeLabs plays the billing card for service, telecoms and utilities operators…. and introduce their BillingLabs solution, a new-generation application that provides a simple response to the various use cases associated with pay-per-use, flat-rate invoicing, with or without outpayments. In practical terms, BillingLabs makes it possible to manage high-volume billing issues and complex pricing plans. This business solution integrates easily with service operators’ information systems.

The billing system is based on usage data from metering devices: minutes of use, volume consumed, number of uses, etc., to which a unit price is applied to calculate the final bill. Millions of items of information therefore need to be collected, standardised and accurately consolidated on a daily basis in order to guarantee the reliability of the amount billed. One-off events can lead to sudden increases, and BillingLabs has been designed to deal effectively with this type of volume.

Service operators have long vied with each other to create complex commercial offer structures based on a variety of concepts such as pay-as-you-go, flat rate, declining unit prices or fixed prices above a certain threshold, group billing, etc., all of which are complex to adapt to. BillingLabs, with its functional breakdown and “Full Code” approach, can deal with any scenario.

One of the immutable rules that applies to all markets is the need to be able to constantly monitor changes in customer usage and adapt the billing model to remain competitive.

BillingLabs, thanks to its distributed micro-services architecture and its integration within a continuous integration and deployment system, offers the possibility of making the necessary changes throughout the life of the product and thus meeting market requirements.

Thierry Berthouloux, Chief Product Officer at SpikeeLabs: “BillingLabs is a unique solution in terms of its marketing model and the flexibility it offers customers. Previewed at this year’s MWC in Barcelona, our solution is now officially available in France and internationally. Its modern, innovative approach has already won over two customers and is attracting a great deal of interest from a wide range of players in Europe.

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